Jobs bill: New Senate math means rough road

From CNN Money:

WASHINGTON ( — The road for another stimulus bill just got tougher following Tuesday’s election of Republican Scott Brown to the Senate in Democratic stronghold Massachusetts.

After health care, Congress’ next big priority is to pass something that shows voters in an election year that they’re on top of the nation’s unemployment scourge.


1 Response to “Jobs bill: New Senate math means rough road”

  1. 1 Logan C. Songer January 24, 2010 at 8:31 AM

    “More spending is not the answer.” Since Obama has been in office, when has that been the case? Why not add another One Hundred Billion Dollars to the defecit? Rather than making it easier for people to hire and obtain financing to grow their businesses, so people can actually pay some taxes, lets just print more money! Is anyone else worried about inflation? How much money is out there, and where did it all go?

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