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CSU says system creates $17 billion for California

CSU says system creates $17 billion for California


Survey: CA School Cuts

Survey finds growing worry over Calif. school cuts

It’s all about perspective

California called “Taxifornia” in new study

PPIC sees little economic impact from legalizing immigrants

Against that background, the Public Policy Institute of California has issued a study concluding that legalization would have very little economic impact, despite widespread belief that it would.

“Our research suggests … that legalizing most currently unauthorized immigrants would not lead to dramatic changes in the labor market, either for unauthorized immigrants or for native workers,” the PPIC report concludes, “We also find little evidence to support the view that such a step would have significant effects on the broader economy, particularly on tax revenues or public assistance programs.”

With illegal immigrants constituting about 10 percent of California’s workforce, jobs skills are a more important factor in their economic progression than their immigration status, PPIC says. And it’s also not likely that legalization would have a major impact, positive or negative, on local and state government finances, it says.

The full report, which advocates that California begin planning for legalization, is available here.

California’s personal income falls 3.5 percent


California’s Education is Horrible

We Californians pay more than any other State in taxes. So, how is the below statistic even possible? There has to be something fundamentally wrong with our education system which gets 50% of the general fund revenues:

California remained at the bottom of the barrel in national test scores for reading, sharing last place with Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico and Washington, D.C., according to the Nation’s Report Card released Wednesday.