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Net Neutrality and Economics

Weighing the Economic Impact of Net Neutrality


Bernanke to China

Bernanke Says China Should Loosen Yuan Curbs to Fight Inflation

U.S. Economy grew 5.9% in fourth quarter

Economy grew 5.9% in fourth quarter´╗┐

Only Two Years of High School

Plan Would Let Students Start College After 10th Grade

Vizio sells 280,000+ HDTVs over Black Friday

When you make a great product and sell it at a great price, here is what happens:

Vizio sells 280,000+ HDTVs over Black Friday week

Does Posting a Calorie Count Change How People Eat?

Yes, see Freakonomics for full response.

The Textbook Economics of Cap-and-Trade

Nobel winner Paul Krugman does a good job of explaining “Cap-and-Trade.