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Taxes and Choices for California

California’s taxation levels have increased to 10.5 percent, raising California to the sixth-highest in the nation in 2008.

Because of a dire budget situation, California must cut education. California is exploring shortening the school year, this would amount to furloughs for teachers since they would take days off without pay. The other option is increasing class sizes, this means laying teachers off.

The fact that California has the sixth-highest tax level in the nation and the 48th lowest spending level in education is an embarrassment. What do you think the lesser of the two evils is, shorter school year with furloughs or larger classrooms with layoffs?


California’s Great College Deal

Dan Walters points out what a great deal California’s college system is:

The $20-per-unit community college fee is, by far, the lowest in the nation. The $600 it costs for a year’s full load of classes in California would be more than $900 in the next-lowest state, New Mexico, and is less than one-fourth the national average of $2,700.

State university fees, $3,849 a year, are much lower than any of the other comparable state university systems and scarcely half the average of $7,516.

The University of California’s current fees, $8,027 a year, are not quite the lowest of comparable systems – University at Buffalo, N.Y., has that ranking at $6,285. But UC’s fees are nearly $2,000 below the average and just two-thirds of the most expensive school, the University of Illinois.

Transferring to a University will be the New Trend

This will save students a ton of money! It will also save California money (this means CA’s taxpayers) because it’s cheaper to fund students at a 2-year instead of a 4-year college. 4-year colleges will get a more mature student who has already succeeded at the college level. This is one of the best ideas to come out of Sacramento yet! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Leaders of California’s three higher-education systems are launching an initiative to increase the number of community college students transferring to the state’s four-year universities.

The heads of the University of California, California State University and California Community Colleges said Wednesday they would establish a joint task force to develop plans to boost transfers to UC and CSU from the state’s 110 two-year colleges.

They say increased community college transfers will help reduce the cost of obtaining a four-year degree, expand educational access among disadvantaged groups and allow students to start college closer to home.

Currently, about 14,000 community college students transfer to UC each year, and about 55,000 transfer to CSU.

Why a College Education is Important

Great article by Robin Lloyd on why a college education is important.