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Why Education is Very Important



The State of Manufacturing

Robert Reich has a nice piece about the state of manufacturing. The main cause of manufacturing jobs losses worldwide:

Want to blame something? Blame new knowledge. Knowledge created the electronic gadgets and software that can now do almost any routine task.

His solution:

The biggest challenge we face over the long term — beyond the current depression — isn’t how to bring manufacturing back. It’s how to improve the earnings of America’s expanding army of low-wage workers who are doing personal service jobs in hotels, hospitals, big-box retail stores, restaurant chains, and all the other businesses that need bodies but not high skills.

Taxes and Choices for California

California’s taxation levels have increased to 10.5 percent, raising California to the sixth-highest in the nation in 2008.

Because of a dire budget situation, California must cut education. California is exploring shortening the school year, this would amount to furloughs for teachers since they would take days off without pay. The other option is increasing class sizes, this means laying teachers off.

The fact that California has the sixth-highest tax level in the nation and the 48th lowest spending level in education is an embarrassment. What do you think the lesser of the two evils is, shorter school year with furloughs or larger classrooms with layoffs?

California’s Community Colleges Enrollments are Booming

From the Sacramento Bee:

Jobs, incomes, house prices and government revenues all may be declining, but California’s community colleges are seeing a sharp bump in enrollment – three times as great as the state budget anticipates and finances.

Jack Scott, chancellor of the community college system, says a survey found enrollments up at 103 of the state’s 110 two-year colleges with an overall gain of 6.4 percent, about 150,000 students, over last year.

“These enrollment reports are confirming what college leaders have been saying from the beginning of the academic year – the demand for community college education and training is surging,” Scott said. “With statewide unemployment at 11.2 percent, California’s displaced workers are pursuing the training they need to get back in the workforce. The colleges are also seeing more demand from students who were not able to enter the University of California or California State University due to restricted admissions.”

The current state budget provided financing for a 2 percent enrollment increase, meaning colleges are taking in students for which they lack direct financing. That, college officials said, means overflowing classrooms and long waiting lists for classes.

Obama and Student Loans

President Obama would like the government to stop backing private students loans. He would like the government to provide direct financial aid to college students.

Two market forces are at at work here, one is the market for student loans. If we take the private sector out of the process, student loans may cost more due to loss of competition. The second, if the government sells directly to students, there would be no middleman which could save money. Hopefully, the middleman savings outweighs the loss of private competition.

Is California Driving Away Job Creation?

Here is Dan Walter’s opinion.

What is yours?

Is Facebook Bad for Your Grades?

Looks like Facebook may be hurting your grades:

Facebook users typically ranged a full grade lower than those of nonusers — 3.0 to 3.5 for users versus 3.5 to 4.0 for their non-networking peers.

From an economic standpoint, it makes sense. Time is limited, if you spend less time studying because you are using Facebook, your grades should go down. I wonder if teachers on Facebook are less effective than those not on Facebook?