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US Unemployment Rate at 9.5 Percent

Employers cut a larger-than-expected 467,000 jobs in June, driving the unemployment rate up to a 26-year high of 9.5 percent, suggesting that the economy’s road to recovery will be bumpy.

The Labor Department report, released Thursday, showed that even as the recession flashes signs of easing, companies likely will want to keep a lid on costs and be wary of hiring until they feel certain the economy is on solid ground.


Number of Unemployed per Number of Job Openings


A new way to look at unemployment. In others words, how much competition an unemployed person has for a job opening.

US Consumer Confidence Drops in June

From the Financial Times:

Confidence among US consumers dropped in June after two months of building optimism, surprising economists and knocking the wind from stock markets.

The Confidence Board, an industry group, said its index of consumer confidence dropped to 49.3 this month from a revised 54.8 in May. Economists had expected a figure of around 55, but consumers are feeling worse about the current state of the economy and about where they expect it to be in six months’ time.

Confidence built over the spring amid talk of “green shoots” in the economy and a rising stock market, but this month people say business conditions are worse and jobs are becoming harder to find.

California’s Unemployment Rate at 11.5 percent in May

From the Sacramento Bee:

California‘s unemployment rate climbed to 11.5 percent in May, the highest in modern record-keeping, the U.S. Department of Labor reported Friday.

The loss of another 69,000 jobs comes as a blow to the state after unemployment dipped slightly to 11.1 percent in April, according to revised figures. The California Employment Development Department said the government posted the largest job declines in the month, down by 14,200 jobs. Every other sector besides education and health services also saw losses.

When will Americans’ Wealth Return to Normal

U.S. wealth is dropping:

The nation’s households have now seen their net worth shrink for seven straight quarters. Family net worth had hit an all-time high of $64.4 trillion in the second quarter of 2007, thanks to the housing bubble and a strong stock market.

Paul Volker believes our recovery will be a long and slow one:

Paul Volcker, Chairman of U.S. President Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, said Thursday it is reasonable to expect that economic growth will resume in the U.S. late this year, but warned that a strong recovery is unlikely.

Addressing a financial forum in Beijing, the former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve said that the U.S. faces “a long slog, with continuing high levels of unemployment.”

Why Education is Very Important


532,000 Jobs Lost in the Private Sector for May

This does not include public sector jobs. Jobs report on Friday should be interesting: 

U.S. private employers chopped more than half a million jobs in May, signaling job conditions remain tough and dashing some hopes the economy was not deteriorating as rapidly as thought, a report on Wednesday showed.

U.S. companies axed 532,000 jobs last month, though this was fewer than the revised 545,000 jobs lost in April, according to the ADP National Employment Report.