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California’s personal income falls 3.5 percent


California’s Education is Horrible

We Californians pay more than any other State in taxes. So, how is the below statistic even possible? There has to be something fundamentally wrong with our education system which gets 50% of the general fund revenues:

California remained at the bottom of the barrel in national test scores for reading, sharing last place with Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico and Washington, D.C., according to the Nation’s Report Card released Wednesday.

Jobless claims fall by 14,000 to 442,000

Jobless claims fall by 14,000 to 442,000

Do Protests Work?

Yes, but those who yell the loudest will probably be cut the least!

Dan Walters: Protesters can’t alter fiscal facts

Two reasons to get a college degree

Cal’s medically uninsured ranks jump sharply

We were talking about adverse selection today. This will lead to more:

California exports continue sharp uptick

California exports continue sharp uptick

Exports through California ports continued their recent rebound in January, according to an analysis of new federal data by University of California trade analyst Jock O’Connell.

The value of exports through the state, $10.3 billion, was an 18.5 percent increase over the previous January and the third month of year-over-year increases. It was nearly identical to the nationwide increase in exports.

.”Even so, we are now just getting back to the level of exporting we were at in early 2007, before the global financial and economic crisis sent international trade spiraling down,” O’Connell said..

O’Connell said he anticipated continued export increases “if only because the economies of most of our major trading partners continue to expand,” but added, “The most worrisome prospect involves the risk of fall-out from the financial turmoil now gripping the European Union and especially those countries in the euro zone.

Imports through California also showed a sharp increase, up 14.6 over the previous January to $23 billion.